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Monday, January 23, 2012

Encouragement and Perseverance

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When I was 17, my parents told me that there were 3 times I almost died in the ICU. One time, I stopped breathing. The other time, my blood pressure fell really low. Another time, I was losing so much blood and nobody knew why.

When I recovered, the doctors called me "the miracle child" because they couldn't believe it when within a week after waking up from my coma, I was talking, walking (as much as I could anyway) and laughing again.

At 17, I was given a second chance at life. Looking back, I wonder if I made the most of it. I did change my life direction. I went from planning on going to law school to planning a career in human services. I had sought to volunteer as much as possible, and share a smile as often as I can.

But last September, my illness came back again and put me in status epilepticus. This is when I was having so many seizures that I did not have time to recover before a new seizure began. The doctors said my seizures were about 20 seconds apart, and this happened for almost a week.  They told my husband I could be permanently disabled. But thanks to God, we won this round again - and I was given my third chance at life.

I was raised with the attitude that quitting meant losing. And since I tended to have a competitive streak in me, I was resolved to win as often as I can - even against my own illness.

When my illness tells me, "Chelsey…forget about planning that part of your life, you'll never get there because I am still here" - I tell my illness, "No. I will not give up. I have too much hope for my future. I did not work hard my whole life to just sit at home, wondering if I will ever have another flare up. I love people too much to accept that being alone is okay. I love God too much to think that an illness can ruin any plans He has for me."

Encouragement is defined as "the expression of approval and support." Encouragement is meant to help us move forward in our goals. And like this quote says, "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long."

Reflecting on the reasons that keep you going will help you work harder, and be happier at what you are working for. If you are struggling with a job to support your family, think of how you are doing this for your family and how much you love them. When my husband and I were struggling financially, he told me that he would dress up in a bunny suit and hold silly advertisement signs on street corners, just so he can provide for me. When I was in the hospital last September, he told me that he couldn't bear to be away from me even when he was at work. But at work, he reminded himself that by working, he was making money and therefore would be able to put food on our table, buy my medications, and in this way - he can care and provide for me in the best way he knows how.

 Remembering the reasons that give your life meaning is the best encouragement you can give yourself. And remember that encouragement goes hand in hand with perseverance…and perseverance says, "Don't quit before the blessing."

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  1. Amen!! No rainbow without a cloud and a storm..And rainbows are reminders of God's promise.


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